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Our Story:

A Bradley University student, Eagle Scout, brother, and son, Jon Roy was just becoming a man when he and his family were devastated by a fire. The fire destroyed their family home in 1988; the Roy family watched as all their hard work was turned into nothing more than ash on a lawn. Jon may have been changed, but he would always be that Eagle Scout and family man. In the 90’s Jon moved to Ripon, Wisconsin with his soon-to-be wife; Jody, now his wife of more than 20 years, and Jon embarked on the American dream. As Jody began her career in teaching, Jon began working hard jobs- the type he’s always loved best, but Jon was not content to just work. He decided to join the Ripon Area Fire Department in ‘95. Jon was able to save the homes of hardworking families, rescue those beloved pets, and preserve those precious family photos and treasures for his community members. Jon took his own tragedy and turned it into a passionate career in fire prevention and protection. Another man on the department, Dave Balkowski, had also dedicated his life to helping folks on and off scene; Dave started DRB Fire Extinguishers, a fire extinguisher servicing business. A Milwaukee fireman for too many years to count, Dave moved to Ripon to “retire.” Many years and fires later, Dave was looking at retiring fully; he knew just the guy to ask. Jon is now the happy owner of DRB Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service; protecting, preventing, and training business owners in his community about the dangers of fire. He is honored to be running the business his longtime friend and colleague started 20+ years ago. Today, Jon and his daughter, Elizabeth, run this family owned and operated business. They provide a wide range of services and always with a smiling face because they know just how important one fire extinguisher can be.


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