Fire extinguishers on commercial properties must be evaluated to meet the requirements set forth by federal, state, and local entities. Our trained technicians will assist you in meeting these requirements each year.

Included in our annual inspection are dated tags, fresh tamper seals, and a visual inspection of the unit. We carry various types of tags and will determine which are most suitable for your institution at the time of your update; extra charges may be incurred for specialty tags not deemed necessary by our techs. During your annual, our techs will ensure that each unit is charged, up to date on service, and has not been tampered with. Any services a unit may need would be performed at this time.  

All required labels and directions must be visible as such extinguishers may be cleaned and, if necessary, labels may be replaced. Extinguisher nozzles and hoses are checked for damage or obstructions. The location of each extinguisher including whether it meets height specifications, the existence of obstructions, and proper signage are reevaluated during each annual. Any questions or fire safety concerns you may have can be addressed at this time as well. Our techs are always happy to review the standards set by your local officials with you.  

Our tag color is updated each year to assist local inspectors. The tag color for 2023 is yellow.
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There are certain extinguishers our techs cannot tag this includes:

  • Extinguishers with plastic heads
  • Extinguishers manufactured before 1984
  • Units manufactured by the General company which have come due for service
  • Extinguishers that are determined Out of Service due to physical damage