We service and sell fire extinguishers for keeping you, your best employees, and favorite family members safe. explore our website if you must but we both already know that DRB is the right provider for you. 10% discount for the first time you grace us with your presence — welcome to the fam.

There are no stupid questions:

Answers to not stupid questions:

Do you provide annual updates, inspection, maintainence, or whatever it is my fire inspector told me I need to have done?

YES and its an annual update just FYI.
Will I need to call to have my extinguishers checked every year?
YES… and no. You need them checked annually but we will keep track of when and how for you!
can i get my extinguishers updated ASAP?
Probably. give us a call but be wary of hounding the office gal.
will you keep records of my services for insurance just in case i were to have a fire and need proof of service which i definetly didn’t think to keep myself because that would never happen?
yup, we got you covered. looking at you mechanics.
will you clean and inspect my kitchen hood?
No, we lack the equipment to do so and are adverse to grime.
can you do whatever it is you do with alarm systems?
nope. call anyway, we’ll send you in the right direction (probably).
Bonus question that some folks oughta be asking (but not you of course):
what if i want to pay my bill late or just not ever pay it?
you were already warned about the office gal.

From The DRB FAM:

Fire Away: An autumn Update

The Roy Family Between home renovation and big dog antics the DRB Crew has been keeping busy outside of work!   As many of you…

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From our customers…

I would like to put a shout out to Jon and Elizabeth Roy in regards to their company. They are professional and courteous. They do their job without interrupting our schedule. Thank you for a job well done! – Dr. Victor Roeder, Visioncare Associates, Inc.
They take care of my fire extinguishers on time and at a reasonable cost. – Copper Jess, Good Impressions, Inc.
Excellent service and fair pricing!!!! Great people to work with and they care as much as we do about the health, safety and well being of our the people we serve and our employees. Highly Recommend!!!! – Al Schraeder, Diverse Options
To our friends at DRB, Thank you for your enthusiastic participation at our recent Trivia Night fundraiser and your financial support to our annual United Way campaign. Your dollars, along with the gifts of dozens of businesses and individuals in our community, help fund 21 programs that improve the quality of life in Ripon. Thank you for your investment in our community! – Ripon United Way 2018
We at Ripon College Residence Life loved working with DRB Fire Extinguisher service. They provided an educational, humorous and fun way to learn about fire extinguishers and how to turn a potentially mundane subject into something entertaining. The staff loved practicing putting out fire with extinguishers! Thanks again, and we look forward to bring DRB back in the Fall for Training! – Mark Nicklaus, Ripon College
Jon and Elizabeth are great! They keep our training simple and their new training video was very good. – Shelby Schiller, Smucker’s
We hired DRB to offer fire extinguisher training for our college students who respond to crises. They were engaged and had nothing but positive things to say about the training. Great experience. – Jessica Joanis, Ripon College
5 Stars- DRB got our fire extinguisher up to date and in service quickly and with a smile. I highly recommend them! – Timothy Bachleitner
I recently switched my account to DRB Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service and it was the best move I could have made. They were great to work with! They got my fire extinguishers updated in less than an hour including services! Jon and Elizabeth were knowledgeable and explained what they were doing at all times. Everything they did from the moment they walked in assured me that I was receiving the highest quality fire extinguisher servicing! – Steve Sorenson, von Briesen & Roper, s.c.
DRB has good pricing & excellent customer service – highly recommended that you contact them for your fire needs, you’ll be glad you did. – Jon Rhine, Rhine Design LLC