COVID-19 Update April 20th 2020

During this difficult time DRB Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service is working hard to accommodate each of our customers’ varying needs. Customers who are still open and operational, with extinguishers due to be updated in April, or May, should expect to be contacted during their respective month via phone, email, or established preferred method of communication. Customers who are not due in April and May should not expect to be contacted by DRB. If you need your business’s or personal extinguishers updated or recharged please call 920-896-1136 or email us at drbjwr@gmail.com. Essential businesses including emergency services, healthcare facilities, food services, and trucking operations take priority right now; please be respectful of time constraints when scheduling for your extinguishers.

We are taking measures to ensure that all of our customers, their employees, and ourselves are keep safe; this includes wearing gloves, using face masks when deemed necessary, and practicing social distancing. To continue to keep both our customers and ourselves safe, we appreciate each business and its employees abiding by the rules regarding social distancing set forth by the state of Wisconsin. We are also asking that home run businesses set their extinguishers outside for service or drop them off with us. If you have concerns regarding your bill, DRB would be happy to make accommodations during this time including payment plans, deferred payments, discounts, or total forgiveness of the amount due.

We understand that fire safety is not at the forefront of your mind right now; unfortunately, fires can happen at any time. Here are steps you can take to prevent fires and protect our firefighters, EMT’s, paramedics, etc. during COVID:

  • Burning permits will not be issued until further notice. In compliance with this order from the DNR do not burn any debris including yard waste.
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries and/or units if necessary.
  • Ensure that all fire extinguishers are charged and accessible. Extinguishers with plastic heads cannot be recharged and may be recalled; visit http://www.kidde.com to find out if your extinguisher has been recalled.
  • Do not leave grills, stoves, and ovens unattended. Keep all flammable materials away from cooking surfaces. Children and pets should be monitored near cooking areas.
  • Do not leave space heaters, heating pads, or electric blankets unattended. Adhere to manufacturer’s instructions for electrical equipment.
  • Continue regular maintenance of appliances including replacing furnace filters, cleaning fireplaces and wood burning stoves, and
  • Do leave charging digital devices including phones, computers, alarm clocks, and radios on soft surfaces such as pillows, beds, and couches.
  • Limit extension cord use to short term use on approved items. See item’s manufacturing instructions for information regarding proper electrical sources. Fridges, dishwashers, ovens, washers, and dryers should never be plugged into extension cords.
  • For more information regarding fire safety during COVID visit http://www.nfpa.org

DRB knows that life can be extremely stressful and boring at times right now. Here are some fire safety related activities individuals, families, and businesses can entertain themselves with:

  • Create an escape plan for your business or home in case of fire. Have fun identifying exits, drawing a map of your home or business, and creating clear pathways for escape.
  • Gather those already in your home or at your business in a mock fire situation to practice your fire escape plan. Set the scene including where the fire is, each person’s speedy escape, meeting at your designated meeting place, and what you will tell the first responders. (Do NOT break the 6-foot rule or encroach on others’ property right now when practicing your fire escape plan.)
  • Check our Nation Fire Prevention Week 2019 videos on Facebook at DRB Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service for more tips on making and practicing your fire escape plan.
  • Show your love for emergency personnel by participating in the Rainbow Hunt. Use ROYGBIV in fun ways and display it from your property to show your support for nurses, doctors, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, police officers, dispatchers, grocery workers, and truckers.
  • Help spread cheer and support USPS by writing letters of thanks to essential workers and sending them out via USPS.
  • Have your children write a report and/or give a speech on fire safety; possible topics include “how to use a fire extinguisher,” “what firefighters mean to me,” and “how I help prevent fires.”
  • Inspire others to be fire safe during COVID by sharing your efforts on social media. Tag us on Facebook @drbjwr!


I would like to put a shout out to Jon and Elizabeth Roy in regards to their company. They are professional and courteous. They do their job without interrupting our schedule. Thank you for a job well done! – Dr. Victor Roeder, Visioncare Associates, Inc.

They take care of my fire extinguishers on time and at a reasonable cost. – Copper Jess, Good Impressions, Inc.  

Excellent service and fair pricing!!!! Great people to work with and they care as much as we do about the health, safety and well being of our the people we serve and our employees. Highly Recommend!!!! – Al Schraeder, Diverse Options

To our friends at DRB, Thank you for your enthusiastic participation at our recent Trivia Night fundraiser and your financial support to our annual United Way campaign.  Your dollars, along with the gifts of dozens of businesses and individuals in our community, help fund 21 programs that improve the quality of life in Ripon.  Thank you for your investment in our community! – Ripon United Way 2018

We at Ripon College Residence Life loved working with DRB Fire Extinguisher service. They provided an educational, humorous and fun way to learn about fire extinguishers and how to turn a potentially mundane subject into something entertaining. The staff loved practicing putting out fire with extinguishers!  Thanks again, and we look forward to bring DRB back in the Fall for Training! – Mark Nicklaus, Ripon College

Jon and Elizabeth are great!  They keep our training simple and their new training video was very good. – Shelby Schiller, Smucker’s

We hired DRB to offer fire extinguisher training for our college students who respond to crises. They were engaged and had nothing but positive things to say about the training. Great experience. – Jessica Joanis, Ripon College

5 Stars- DRB got our fire extinguisher up to date and in service quickly and with a smile. I highly recommend them! – Timothy Bachleitner 

I recently switched my account to DRB Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service and it was the best move I could have made. They were great to work with! They got my fire extinguishers updated in less than an hour including services! Jon and Elizabeth were knowledgeable and explained what they were doing at all times. Everything they did from the moment they walked in assured me that I was receiving the highest quality fire extinguisher servicing! – Steve Sorenson, von Briesen & Roper, s.c.

DRB has good pricing & excellent customer service – highly recommended that you contact them for your fire needs, you’ll be glad you did. – Jon Rhine, Rhine Design LLC

Our Story:

Jon Roy, the Eagle Scout, family man, and Bradley University student, watched with his family in dismay as his childhood home burned to the ground in ‘88. In the future Jon joined the Ripon Area Fire Department where he met veteran firefighter Dave Balkowski. Dave and Jon became fast friends. Later, Dave truly retired and Jon took over Dave’s beloved business, DRB Fire Extinguishers. Today, Jon and his daughter, Elizabeth, run this family owned and operated business. They provide a wide range of services and always with a smiling face because they know just how important one fire extinguisher can be.

DRB’s trained professionals operate according to NFPA10. When you contact DRB you will ALWAYS be interacting with one of our knowledgeable, trained professionals.

There are no hidden fees with DRB!

No travel fees!

No charge for lost pins or tags!

No charge for service collars!

No charge for service stickers!

No charge for O-rings!

No charge for valve stems!

No charge for hangers!

No charge for hanging/moving!

At DRB Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service our top priority is YOU. We’ve got your business in mind– quality and efficiency just like you’d do it. There are never too many nor too few extinguishers for DRB.

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