DRB offers 24 hour emergency service! All services include updated service stickers and collars.

Six Year Internal:

An internal service is performed every six years from the manufacturing date and every six years after hydrostatic testing is performed. A six year may also be performed when deemed necessary beyond those intervals. Six year internals include expelling the chemical from the unit, a visual examination, cleaning of the head mechanism and recharging the unit. Valve stems and o-rings will be replaced at this time.

Hydrostatic Testing:

Hydro tests are performed every 12 years from manufacturing date and every 6 years after a six year is performed. Hydrotesting may also be performed when deemed necessary beyond those intervals.  Hydrostatic testing includes all aspects of a six year internal as well as a pressure test of the shell.


Recharges are performed when an extinguisher has been used, tampered with or has otherwise lost charge. Recharges include refilling the unit with chemical/agent and nitrogen.

Monthly Checks/Tests:

We offer monthly tests and checks of fire extinguishers, emergency lights, and EXIT lights. Monthly tests include testing each emergency light, checking that EXIT lights are operable, and performing a mini annual inspection on each extinguisher as well as marking its tag.


We offer customized fire extinguisher trainings. Extinguisher training may include our very own video, lecture, Q & A, extinguisher simulation, and/or extinguisher use on live fire. We have done trainings for our local J.M. Smuckers plant, Barrett House, the Ripon Area Fire Department Open House, and Ripon College among others.


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