Our techs are certified to perform required internal services for various extinguisher types; some services may be performed mobily for additional convivence. We offer a wide range of fire safety products including fire extinguishers, brackets, cabinets, and signage.


Six-Year Internal:

An internal service is performed every six years from the manufacturing date and every six years after hydrostatic testing is performed. A six year may also be performed when deemed necessary beyond those intervals. Six-year internals include expelling the chemical from the unit, a visual examination of the shell, cleaning of the head mechanism, and recharging the unit. Valve stems and O-rings will be replaced at this time.

Hydrostatic Testing:

Hydro tests are performed every 12 years from manufacturing date and every 6 years after a six-year internal is performed. Hydrotesting may also be performed when deemed necessary beyond those intervals. Hydrostatic testing includes all aspects of a six-year internal as well as a pressure test of the shell.


Recharges are performed when an extinguisher has been used, tampered with, or has otherwise lost charge. Recharges include refilling the unit with chemical/agent and nitrogen.

All non-emergency extinguisher services are returned within 72 hours. Temp extinguishers may be placed if deemed necessary. Emergency services include businesses providing lifesaving services and businesses that are deemed HIGH fire risk. 

Monthly Checks and Tests:

We offer monthly tests and checks of fire extinguishers, emergency lights, and EXIT lights. Monthly tests include testing each emergency light, checking that EXIT lights are operable, and performing a mini annual inspection on each extinguisher as well as marking each extinguisher’s tag with the date. DRB does NOT test alarm systems.


We offer customized fire extinguisher trainings. Extinguisher trainings may include use of our very own video, lecture, Q & A, extinguisher simulation, and/or extinguisher use on live fire. Customers using our traing services include the local J.M. Smuckers plant, Barrett House Assited Living, the Ripon Area Fire Department Open House, and Ripon College among others.


Under special circumstances DRB will rent out fire extinguishers. This includes companies hosting limited time events for which fire extinguishers are required. Mobile fire extinguisher stands have limited availability.

Conveniently update residential and commercial fire extinguishers at 301 watson street in historical downtown ripon. located within your CBD store, our drop off location is open from 10am – 5pm tuesday through saturday.


Fire Extinguishers

We offer reconditioned and new units. Reconditioned units keep your costs down! Each unit is up to date on its service, in working condition, and well kept. All units sold by DRB are serviceable for commercial and residential use.


ABC fire extinguishers are used on everyday combustibles, flammable liquids, and electrical equipment. ABCs are recommended for homes, businesses, and commercial properties with a low to moderate risk of fire. We sell and service 2 1/2-, 5-, 10-, and 20-pound units. ABC extinguishers are serviced every six and every twelve years.


Carbon Dioxide extinguishers are used on flammable liquids and electrical equipment. CO2s are recommended for businesses and commercial properties with live electrical equipment, storage and use of flammable liquids with a moderate to high risk of fire. We sell 5-, 15-, and 20-pound units. CO2s are serviced every five years.

Halon, Halatron, and Clean Agent:

Halogenated extinguishers are predominantly used for electrical equipment. Halons are recommended for businesses with live electrical equipment with a detrimental risk of fire such as server rooms and computer spaces. Halons are sold in 2 1/2-, 5-, and 10-pound units. Halons are serviced every six years.


K extinguishers are used for kitchen fires that include animal fat, grease, and/or oil. K extinguishers are recommended for restaurants or businesses, with or without a built-in fire suppression system, where grease fires are likely to occur. K extinguishers are carried in both 2 ½-gallon and 1-liter sizes. K units are serviced every five years.


Water extinguishers are used on everyday combustibles such as wood and paper. Water extinguishers are recommended for home, business, and commercial use with a low risk of fire. Water extinguishers are only carried in 2 ½-gallon units. Water extinguishers are serviced every five years.

For information on prices please contact us.  



Hangers are available for all units. Hangers are sold in various styles. Hangers may be interchangeable between brands, but some are brand specific. Hangers are recommended in most cases. Some hangers may come with straps and/or brackets.


Straps are available for free upon request. Straps help to hold the hose close to the shell. Straps may prevent damage to the hose.


Brackets are available upon request or if deemed necessary. Brackets are for any size unit and include a hanger and complete strapping mechanism. Brackets are recommended for mobile machinery such as forklifts and automobiles.


Cabinets are available for all units but are not recommended for units weighing 20 pounds or more. Cabinets can be mounted indoors or outdoors. All are sold with locking capabilities. Cabinets may prevent theft or extend the life of a unit.


Covers can be sold separately from cabinets. Covers are specific to the cabinets they come from. Covers may get broken or damaged; replacing them may be necessary.


Hoses may be sold or replaced separately from extinguishers. Hoses are specific to the brand and size of the extinguisher.


Gauges may be replaced during a service or if damaged. Gauges are specific to type and size of extinguisher.

Valve Stems: (included with service)

Valve stems are replaced during services, but may become damaged. Valve stems are specific to brand and type of extinguisher.

O-Rings: (included with service)

O-rings are replaceable during services, but may become damaged. O-rings are specific to brand and type of extinguisher.

Stickers: (included with service)

Stickers are free and must be on all units. Included are hazard, compressed gas and direction stickers. Serviced units will also have a sticker indicating when and what type of service was performed. 

Collars: (included with service)

Located at the neck of the head mechanism on some extinguishers is a collar indicating the last service date. These are provided free of cost when service is performed.