The Roy Family

Between home renovation and big dog antics the DRB Crew has been keeping busy outside of work!  

As many of you know, the Roy family includes two giant pups to match the rest of the families larger than life personalities. Unfortunately, like their humans, DiDi and Claude have been suffering from seasonal allergies something fierce! We are left wondering like everybody else, how is it that a cold front can induce such sniffles?!? 

Jon and Elizabeth have been working on a number of home projects over the last few months. As you may know, last year Elizabeth moved out but not away! Living next door to your parents has its advantages, especially when your dad is as handy as Jon. The duo has undertaken staining her deck, fixing the bathtub, and, most recently, building some massive storage cabinets for the living room! If you had not already guessed the DRB Crew likes to keep busy. As Jon and Elizabeth put it, whether it be working for DRB or doing a project, it’s all just father daughter bonding time to them.  

Fire Update

It’s National Fire Prevention Week! What more can we say? A LOT.  

If you follow us on Facebook (like you should) then this won’t come as news to you: NFPW 2023 is happening right now! This year’s theme is cooking safety. This is meant to raise awareness about and, hopefully, reduce home cooking related fires.  

Aside from Fire Prevention Week, your DRB crew has been staying BUSY. You may be sick of us saying it but “THANK YOU!” The support our customers, community, and partners show us year after year is truly inspiring. Beyond the obvious, being able to help so many people stay fire safe, your support also allows us to share our knowledge throughout the community through board appointments, volunteer work, and community events! One of our favorite ways to share our expertise is through hands-on trainings. We conduct live-fire extinguisher trainings throughout the year for a number of local businesses. These learning opportunities are completely customizable to your unique needs! We offer everything from videos to dummy extinguishers to classroom lectures.  

Over just the last month, your DRB Crew has trained over 100 people!  

In our community

Don’t let the turn in temperature fool you! From special events to city projects, there is still plenty going on in the Ripon area during these cooler months.  

There really is never a dull moment in our small town. Over the summer months our city has kept busy with improvement projects. Speaking of improvements, next on the docket is the City of Ripon’s water tower redesign project! 

In other city news, our fire department is looking for your input! As you already know, the Ripon Area Fire District has been working to create a strategic plan to clarify areas of focus, allocate resources, and, overall, to serve the community in the best possible ways.  

In commemoration of the turning of the seasons, Elizabeth, once again, helped out during the Ripon Chamber of Commerce’s annual SeptemberFest event. The event, held in downtown Ripon, brings hundreds of visitors to our community each year; it is all made possible by the generous business sponsors and volunteers- big thanks to you all!  

Coming up are numerous events including Rhythm & Brews, Wine Walk, Small Business Saturday and, of course, Dicken’s of a Christmas! Make sure to follow Ripon Main Street, Ripon Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Ripon on social media so you don’t miss out on future events!  

Levee Contemporary

We are featuring one of our most unique customers this quarter, Levee Contemporary. This eclectic, contemporary gallery will have you adding on to your fall bucket list and maybe your Christmas list too!

We have ventured through many small downtown businesses over the years but few standout as much as Levee Contemporary. While there are many reasons to adore the gallery, there is one reason that stands above the rest for us: kindness. The gracious attitudes that everyone involved with the gallery has shown us year after year is heartwarming and always welcome! Whatever your skill or knowledge, we know the folks at Levee Contemporary will welcome you with open arms during your next visit. 

A hidden gem nestled in the heart of downtown Princeton, Levee Contemporary offers unique experiences and opportunities to its small-town home. With a combination of artistic creativity and savvy business skills the owners, Shane and Andrew, have created something truly special. Since its inception, Levee Contemporary has hosted a variety of artists from near and far; the gallery is currently featuring paintings by Lauren Paradise, a Montello based oil and acrylic artist. You can view Lauren’s works Thursday through Monday from 9 am to 5 pm at 518 West Water Street in downtown Princeton.

Keep Warm & Stay Safe

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