Drop Off

While you’re browsing the practical art of The James House Company or picking out your next tincture from Your CBD Store, why not drop off your extinguisher for service?  In DRB’s newest venture, we have made access to our products and services even easier! Stop by our space to buy extinguishers or drop your own off for service. 

Drop Off

Head right into Your CBD Store at 301 Watson St. in downtown Ripon, WI to drop off extinguishers for service!  Simply fill out the information slip provided and leave your extinguishers with the front desk. Within the next 2 days your extinguisher will be serviced, invoiced, and ready for pick up! We will give you a jingle when they’re ready; could it be any easier? As always, there is a 10% discount on your first service with DRB. 

*After your first service, we’ll keep your extinguishers on record and give you a call when they’re next due!*


In our downtown location we supply easy access to 2 1/2, 5, and 10 pound ABC extinguishers! We also offer brackets and hangers for mounting extinguishers. If you need a specialty extinguisher or have a question about what extinguisher is best for you please just give us a call! For more about our products visit our Products tab. Extinguishers sold at our downtown location are not intended for commercial purposes; for commercial properties please contact us. 

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