Annual Tagging

Every year fire extinguishers on commercial properties must be evaluated by trained professionals and meet state, county, and local expectations.

Included in our annual inspection are new tags, tamper seals, and a visual inspection of the unit. Any services needed would also be performed at this time. We make sure the unit is still charged, up to date on service, and has not been tampered with. We also clean the unit, making sure that all labels and directions are legible. The hose or nozzle is cleaned of debris. We double check that each extinguisher is still mounted properly and is unobstructed from view and reach.

DRB changes our tag color each year! 2020’s tag color is dark green; this insures that both you and your fire inspector know easily whether or not your extinguishers are up to date. Follow us on Facebook to help choose our annual tag colors!


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